What our customers think

We have large (2.5m x 1.5m) whiteboards in our office that are used heavily every day. We tried a number of different cleaning products with varying levels of success. GMS Surfacetech’s Whiteboard Cleaner is without doubt the superior product available on the market today. The fact that it’s biodegradable is an added bonus. It’s now the only solution we use to clean and maintain our boards at Marcato.Laird Wilton, VP Marcato Digital Solutions

The teaching staff have told me that the product is far superior to previous cleaners used on their whiteboards. In September, all classes will have whiteboards and I am planning to use the HPG product for the entire school.Kevin Deveaux, Principal of Sydney Academy, Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board

Great product, couldn’t believe how well it worked. We don’t have a scent free environment but we’re using the product simply because it does such a great job cleaning our white boards.Steve Lilley, President, Protocase Inc.

The whiteboard in my office was terrible. Dry erase markers would not easily come off with an eraser. With a single application of the white board cleaner, the board is back to a white colour and the dry erase markers easily come off with the eraser. This is an exceptional productIan Pottie, PhD

Early on, I was not a fan of whiteboards as the markers gave me a terrible headache. Then came the low odor markers, but problems were still encountered when it came to cleaning… I swear they made the low odor markers by taking all the odors out of the markers and concentrating them into the whiteboard cleaner / conditioners.

We would clean the boards as much as possible with the erasers, but they would never clean properly. Eventually, we would have to break down and use the spray cleaner / conditioner and the smell would invade the entire office. Thus, cleaning would have to be planned so that the office could be aired out when people were not around.

The High Performance Green WhiteBoard Cleaner by GMS has changed all that. Now we can properly clean the whiteboards anytime we want. We even had old boards that we didn’t think would ever come clean and after being cleaned with the HPG cleaner they look good as new. I would highly recommend everyone to throw out their old “stinky” cleaner replace it with the new High Performance Green WhiteBoard Cleaner by GMS.Heather Philp, Dalhousie University ITS