GMS Surface Tech was formed by Dr. Gerrard Marangoni and Dr. Kulbir Singh, two university professors who specialize in applied research in surface and colloidal chemistry.

The seeds of the High Performance Green line were planted when Dr. Marangoni’s students complained about the strong smell of the whiteboard cleaner while teaching his classes in chemical thermodynamics and colloid chemistry. They challenged him to come up with something better. Dr.’s Marangoni and Singh, using their fundamental knowledge of surface chemistry and surfactants, created a product that was 100% VOC free and 100% scent free – and actually did a better job cleaning and conditioning whiteboards.

Dr. Marangoni and Dr. Singh very quickly realized that the demand for high performing scent free cleaning products was large and growing rapidly. They teamed up with a chemical engineer and marketing specialist, Joe Menchefski, and the High Performance Green line was born.

The future for GMS includes new scent-free cleaning products for the HPG line, and novel applications of surface chemistry and surfactants to the manufacturing of nanoparticles.